Welcome to Cascioppo Bros. Meats

Renowned among Seattle restauranteurs,
Cascioppo Bros. are known for their Authentic Italian Sausage and Fine Meats.

Owned and operated company in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Cascioppo Bros. began as a small butcher shop back in 1973. It was started by the legendary Sam V. Cascioppo during the economic slump of the early 70's. Sam had been in the meat and food business all his life. After being laid off of his job at a local meat shop.

Sam did what every self respecting American has done or dreamed of doing, he went into business for himself. He took out a second mortgage and found a vacant butcher shop in the back of a small Ballard grocery store called Ballard Locks Super.

The Meat market did surprisingly well. Sam also inspired many wonderful products sold in the shop such as, Authentic Italian Sausage made with fresh herbs and spices. Cascioppo Brothers began selling small quantities to some landmark businesses in the Italian Community of Seattle. Since then, Cascioppo's Italian Meats have become renowned among Seattle restaurateurs.